We drive innovation toward a better world.

IT & Innovation has a tremendous impact on the way we work and live. We believe we can reach unexpected heights by putting people at the heart of this transformation: on the economy, our Planet, and our daily lives. 



Esmoz is specialized in Data & Innovation. 


Our name is from e-osmose. People and new technologies in osmose together to deliver projects with impact on the way we work and live. 

Since 2019, we support our clients from the banking, insurance, energy, retail, and transport industries. We share our expertise in integrating new Esmoziens who share our values.

Our difference is our culture and the way we get things done. With Esmoz, you choose teams with strong convictions and committed to your project success. 


be first

Let's focus on real-life business-matters. Our priority is to deliver data and innovative projects with concrete operational impact.

We believe change and innovation should be the number one priority within any organization willing to lead this transformation. 

Business first: Operational         impact with data & innovation

New technologies are propelling us onto new horizons. It helps us work differently, being more productive, creative and social.

Innovation first: From Idea to Production

People first: People at the heart of new technologies